Psigen have added support for RightFax

PSIGEN recently announced the release of a connector for RightFax which allows users to automatically import images directly from a RightFax server into PSI:Capture. This connector will provide a great way to manage or archive faxes into any DM system or SharePoint. Here’s an excerpt from the recent press release.

The PSI:Capture Right Fax Connector provides an automated method to archive and route faxes sent through the RightFax system. It allows the capture of faxed documents, as well as over one hundred and twelve fields of data about the fax. Once captured, it can then extract data and migrate faxes as searchable PDFs to any of the 46 ECM systems supported, including Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Open Text (Alchemy, e-docs[Hummingbird], Content Server[Livelink]).

“We have had huge demand from our RightFax partners for this feature, as fax archiving and automated routing has always been difficult with existing tools,” said Stephen Boals, Vice President of Sales at PSIGEN. “PSI:Capture provides the automated data extraction and classification functions that are missing from other applications in the market.”

The PSI:Capture and RightFax combination eliminates time-intensive manual fax processing in any organization, replacing it with an automated fax workflow. This scalable technology creates an overall fax processing solution resulting in standardized document output, in the form of searchable PDFs.

For more information on PSI:Capture click here


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