Datafinity announces availability of foxray xbound 3.0

We recently announced the latest release of the foxray xbound platform. Release 3.0 adds significant functionality which will help both customers and partners.

From a partner point of view this latest release of xbound will allow system integrators to utilise the latest document classification, OCR and ICR technologies available on the market today. xbound 3.0 builds on its unique integration capability with new plug-in modules from OpenText Recostar professional, Abbyy FineReader, TCG FreeFormStar, Kodak Capture Pro as well as the latest release of Kofax KTM, v5.0. Integration partners can use one, or a combination, of these xbound plug-in modules to create a solution perfectly suited to business applications such as invoice processing, high-volume capture and multi-stream digital mailroom applications.

From a customer point of view xbound 3.0 now includes a new configuration and control centre: the xbound management centre. This offers administrators and production managers an entirely new perspective on their data. It provides customers with advanced management tools such as throughput and performance statistics and SLA (Service Level Agreement) reporting with web-based client access.

We have already seen considerable interest from Business Process Outsource (BPO) providers in xbound’s SLA reporting functionality as it will help them to manage large volumes of documents for multiple clients more efficiently.


About Datafinity
Datafinity delivers cost-effective, leading-edge, data capture and document management solutions for companies that need to improve the efficiency of business and document processes within their organisation.

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