Document Capture or Data Capture?

It may sound like the same thing but there is a subtle difference. When we are asked by our clients for a document capture solution we usually ask the question “Is it for document capture of data capture?”  We want to make sure we understand where their focus is so we can offer the right solution.

Document capture is focused on imaging the document and capturing a few index fields and is usually about improving access to it.

Data capture is focused on the data, so once the data is extracted the document is usually just archived or even discarded.

If you need to capture various document types, either on an ad-hoc basis or in a batch mode, and the important thing is to provide quick, easy and secure access to the information then you should look for a solution that has good document capture features. These should include and easy and intuitive interface, simple setup for many different document types and a wide range of ready built back-end integrations so you can get your documents into your document management system easily.

If on the other hand, you have a large amount of data to capture from single or multipage documents such as application forms or survey forms then look for a solution that offers the right data capture features. In this case you’ll need a product that has flexible and accurate OCR (for machine print) or ICR (for hand print) capability and can interface to business systems such as CRM, ERP or Databases. If you’ve got 25 or more fields of data to capture from each document you want to be sure that the solution can automate the data capture as much as possible. Features like inter-field validation, database lookups and OCR confidence level options are going to make sure you get accurate data and reduce your manual keying or correction effort.

For some examples of document and data capture products take a look at our web site.

PSI:Capture for document capture

Simple Capture for data capture


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Datafinity delivers cost-effective, leading-edge, data capture and document management solutions for companies that need to improve the efficiency of business and document processes within their organisation.

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