Reasons for Implementing a Digital Mail Room

More than 70% of companies believe that a digital mailroom would play an important part in increasing the efficiency and success of their organisation. For 20% of them, the implementation of a digital mailroom is regarded as critical.

Mail volumes continue to grow exponentially, stimulated by business growth and mobile work forces. For example, medium-sized companies now process 100,000 pieces of mail a month and service over 200 departments. In addition, the corporate mailroom, a vital link in the corporate information system, is struggling to keep abreast of this paper flow.

Meanwhile, today’s organisations demand instant, accurate information; US businesses spend over 300 billion annually turning the information on the documents they receive every day into useful data that they can use to run their business.

The need for corporate compliance and accountability has also forced large corporations to invest heavily in information backup, storage systems, and compliance solutions. Some corporate mailrooms have benefited from the development of high-speed automation equipment designed for moving physical mail more efficiently through the system.

However, the challenges are daunting, considering that most mailrooms are using one-piece-at-a-time visual identification and manual sorting methods developed over a century ago. At best, these mailrooms operate at an efficiency rate of 200 to 500 pieces-per-hour to achieve basic mail sorting. Identification, sorting and physical delivery of inbound mail relies in most cases on human memory.

By digitizing the incoming mail process, and indexing the documents on the fly, companies will not only gain control of their mail processes internally (no more efficiency losses, gaps in document control and loss of valuable mail data), but will have the opportunity to combine electronic mail formats (e-mail, fax) in the same document processing flow. By implementing a digital mailroom designed as a central platform for information, the organisation will bring rationality to mail processing and significant gains in productivity and customer service.

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