Automate Accounts Payable at an Affordable Price with FileBound


Automated accounts payable processes are no longer just for large companies; technologies are now available so that small and medium sized businesses can automate their accounts payable processes at an affordable price.

One of those technologies, FileBound, provides an interface between invoice scanning systems and accounting systems. FileBound offers seamless integration with invoice data capture solutions such as PSI:Capture at the front end of the process and built in export modules for both accounting systems and SharePoint and at the back-end of the process; this allows the automated input of data to accounting systems and the storage of invoice PDF images in SharePoint.

The easy to configure workflow tool, an option for FileBound, allows invoice workflows to be created quickly to help automate the invoice approval process.

To learn more, click here:  FileBound

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About Datafinity
Datafinity delivers cost-effective, leading-edge, data capture and document management solutions for companies that need to improve the efficiency of business and document processes within their organisation.

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