Cut Costs with Invoice Processing Software

Invoice data capture solutions offer companies many advantages

  • automated transfer of invoice data to accounting software
  • more accurate information
  • improved relationships with suppliers

but the biggest advantage is cost savings.

Instead of relying on AP staff to laboriously key data from invoices, our software can do it for you. PSI:Capture for Invoices is particularly cost effective, even for low volumes of invoices (50 a day or above) as the initial investment is low enough to provide a very compelling return on investment (ROI).

If you’d like to see if your company could benefit from this technology and want to know how quickly the system would pay for itself, then you can easily find out by completing our invoice processing ROI questionnaire.


About Datafinity
Datafinity delivers cost-effective, leading-edge, data capture and document management solutions for companies that need to improve the efficiency of business and document processes within their organisation.

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