PSIGEN Releases PSI:Fusion 1.2: Web-Based Capture Application


PSIGEN Software, Inc., the leader in advanced document capture and scanning solutions, has announced the release of PSI:Fusion 1.2 . PSI:Fusion is a web-based capture application that provides organisations with a simple, efficient, and cost effective capture solution for the enterprise. The new release includes new features, tighter integration with PSI:Capture and overall performance enhancements.

PSI:Fusion provides a powerful solution to any organisation looking to streamline their MFP scanning and inbound fax processing. Through a web interface, users can view queued documents, enter document data, and quickly submit the documents to any of the 60-plus ECM repositories PSIGEN supports.

“PSI:Fusion has had great momentum over the past year, and all our initial deployments have been extremely successful. With both small business and enterprise versions, it allows small and large organizations to leverage an easy to deploy, browser-based application,” said Stephen Boals, V.P. of Sales. “This new version provides some key system enhancements, making the system easy to deploy and manage for our Enterprise customers.” Information and demonstration videos can be found at

Drive more business.  Reduce your labour costs.  Higher profits.  PSI:Capture from Datafinity.


OPEX and PSIGEN Announce Partnership for Digital Mailroom Solutions

OPEX Corporation and PSIGEN Software announced recently they have entered into a new technology partnership agreement to offer an integrated digital mailroom solution comprised of PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture and PSI:Fusion with OPEX’s prep-reducing scanners.

The companies have already deployed an integrated solution at a large US state health and human services agency.  Documents received in the post are opened and scanned in a single step, electronically classified and routed into queues for processing. This solution has streamlined the agency’s formerly labour-intensive workflow.

PSI:Capture is an innovative document capture platform engineered to combine automation, efficiency, stability, and Enterprise-class scalability.  The unique design of the OPEX AS7200 and DS2200 scanners offer the industry’s lowest labour costs for document capture for incoming mail and archive/backfile capture.The combined solution makes the entire process more efficient, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and on-going labour savings throughout the life of the system.

Drive more business.  Reduce your labour costs.  Higher profits.  PSI:Capture from Datafinity.

Microsoft Legal Department Streamlines Paper Processes with PSI:Capture

Microsoft’s Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) division needed an efficient system to process its huge volume of existing and incoming paper records into SharePoint. The solution was PSIGEN’s PSI:Capture along with Canon scanning hardware. To find out more read the Case Study here.

SharePoint Scanning

10 new features for scanning bureaus in the latest release of PSI:Capture

Do you have a Swiss Army knife in your bureau?

Do you have a Swiss Army knife in your bureau?

PSI:Capture from PSIGEN has always focused on helping its scanning service bureau partners to streamline their business processes, reduce labour costs and drive higher profits. The PSI:Capture 4.6 release has over 70 new features, many of which were requested by bureaus to make their scanning operations even more efficient. Below are 10 new key features for any scanning service bureau:

  1. Batch Deadline System.  This feature gives you the ability to provide a timed deadline on particular scan jobs.  When a batch hits its deadline, an email notification is sent, and the deadline becomes red in Batch Manager.  Really useful for those quick turnaround batches.
  2. PDF Text to Field.  No more OCR for electronically generated PDFs or PDFs that have already been OCR’d.  This feature will pull in the text layer to a field that can then be parsed using our pattern matching technology for automated indexing.  Higher accuracy and faster job completion.
    Screenshot for 2. PDF Text to Field
  3. Enhanced PDF Forms processing and template auto-configuration.   PSI:Capture has had the ability to ingest form fields from within a PDF for a while, but now setup time is a quicker.  There is now a PDF form configuration template.  Just point PSI:Capture at a sample PDF form file, and all the form fields are configured as index fields with the right data type and length.  Not a bad feature to have on that 300 field PDF form the customer wants processed.
  4. Blank page processing enhancements.  Ah the blank page, the bane of every service bureau.  Is it actually blank?  4.6 adds new processing algorithms that can all be used at once, using a voting process.  Add that to the new blank page recognition preview tester, and you can load, test and view results before you scan 10,000 pages.
  5. Data file parsing enhancements.  Strange legacy data file included with every image?  Want to auto-extract information from an XML file?  PSIGEN has enhanced its text data file processing to include the ability to put the data file into a memo field in the product.  Once in the field, PSI:Capture’s ADE engine can be used for pattern matching and parsing to glean out the data.
  6. SQL Azure Integration.  PSI:Capture now integrates with Microsoft’s Azure platform on 3 levels:  database document type templates for ease of setup, cloud database lookups and SQL Azure database migration.  This enhancement will help bureaus to access customer data more easily,  through a seamless integration.
  7. Flag auto-processing for separation and combining.  Do you have complex OCR pattern match separation and want to offload the process to another machine?  With separation auto-processing, you can now do all your separation in a separate workflow step.  Note: this is just the tip of the iceberg for all types of automated processing you can do in this manner.
  8. Parallel OCR format processing.  Previously, if you had a customer that wanted searchable PDFs as well as a full text/XML output, you had to run two separate OCR processes to create both formats.  No more.  With parallel OCR processing, you can create two formats with one capture workflow step.
  9. Full batch and folder rejection capabilities.  If one of your operators is scanning a folder that is a total mess, but the problem is there are 100 documents and they all need to be kept together,  how do you reject the folder and all the sub-documents without holding up the whole batch?  Exceptions processing in automated mode can now auto-reject the  whole batch or folder.
  10. Speedy job setup.  Faster setup = faster completion = lower labour costs = getting paid sooner.  There are a high number of features focused on getting you into production faster:   auto-zone sizing, zone setup hot keys, auto-detect and configure barcodes, global device profiles, custom auto-correction libraries for OCR and much, much more.

Drive more business.  Reduce your labour costs.  Higher profits.  PSI:Capture from Datafinity.

Document Management “In a Box”

Express_boxIf you thought document management was just a complex, company wide solution that takes weeks to set up; then think again. Within 2-3 days you can have a document management system with workflow and eForms that can be used by up to 10 concurrent users, for less than £9,000 including installation and support. FileBound Express is low cost, quick to set up and comes pre-installed on a small server that just plugs into your network; so it’s ideal for small to medium size companies or departments within larger organisations. We call it document management “in a box”, because that’s how it’s delivered.

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How PSI:Capture put an end to printing, envelope stuffing and posting!

Datafinity - delivering productivity gains to a company near youWe recently helped a company automate their sales invoice process. This is not a typical application for a document capture application like PSI:Capture, but it just shows how flexible the product can be in improving all sorts of manual business processes.

Although the main reason this company bought PSI:Capture was to scan and index proof of delivery tickets, they also had another problem that needed solving. When they invoiced customers, they’d do an invoice print run from their accounts system which produced a large multi-page PDF containing many single page invoices. These were then printed on headed paper, put into envelopes and posted to the customers; a time consuming, laborious process.

Since implementing PSI:Capture the process is now fully automated. The multi-page PDF is imported by PSI:Capture, split into separate pages, the email address is captured from the invoice and then it is emailed directly to the customer.

No more printing, envelope stuffing or posting, saving a significant amount of time and money!

FileBound 6.5 now available!

FileBound launches the latest release of its web based document management system. New features include a new touch style interface for mobile devices making it easier for tablet and smartphone users to navigate around the screen and view their documents while on the move. Another nice feature is FileBound Drive which gives users direct easy access to their FileBound content using the computers window navigation, such as Windows Explorer, while maintaining the security and audit functions provided by storing your documents in FileBound. For more details on this and many other new features click here.